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Patints with a histoy ubb contact dmatitis should b valuatd hypsnsitivity tthiuam divativs bciving disuliam Propranolol for social anxiety disorder (s CONTAINDICATIONS ).

Patints with a histoy ubb contact dmatitis should b valuatd hypsnsitivity tthiuam divativs bciving disuliam (s CONTAINDICATIONS).

Igu 1: lativ toxicity thanol and actaldhyd. Souc: ish Scintiic Matial Saty Data Shts.

Accumulation actaldhyd in th blood poducs a complx highly unplasant symptoms d thinat as th disuliam-alcohol action. This action, which is popotional tth dosag both disuliam and alcohol, will psist as long as alcohol is bing mtabolizd. Disuliam dos not appa tinlunc th at alcohol limination om th body.

I you tak phnytoin (Dilantin), tubculosis mdicin, a blood thinn (waain, Coumadin, Jantovn).

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while i was taking antabuse i had to take the time and thought required to figure out other things to do with my time.

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